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>> feel the love, the life of yeardly love this morning. a place where she will always be remembered. ravens ready to take the field. what better way than monday night football. a preview this morning. getting you ready for kickoff tonight. two tornados, one location, the damage and clean up going on this morning. the stories straight ahead on this monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. thank you for joining us i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. the weather has changed. feels fall-like out. there how long is that going to hang around? i have good news on this monday morning. you are going to love it. this nice fall weather is going
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to be hanging around through the rest of the week. if you have to mow the lawn, you are like i don't feel like doing it today, you can do it tomorrow or the next day. this scenario will continue as we go through time. temperatures throughout the day, waking up around 6:00, 60 degrees, 64 by 9:00, 10:00, plenty of sunshine in the forecast. lunchtime, the temperature will be at 74 degrees, few high clouds floating around, ample sunshine. get out and enjoy. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. looking forward to the ravens game tonight. hopefully they can pull off a win. jfx is nice and clear. no delays southbound from the beltway, downtown to east fayette street. that trip is going to take you 11 minutes, if you are using
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95, here is a look at the northeast corridor, route 9, route 43. no problems whatsoever. a nice easy ride in to the city. if you are using 695 this morning, this is what it looks like in parkville, harford road. nothing to get in your way, inner loop, nice and clear towards towson. field of dreams is a field of love. yeardly love played lacrosse on a field behind notre dame prep before going on to uva before she was killed by a boyfriend. soccer field hockey and lacrosse will be played. athletes will play. it took 18 months of planning and $1.2 million to build this, done in donations. the 1 love foundation put it together. >> the field is a great tribute
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to her memorable characteristics. . >> yeardly love's mom and sister say they will be at games and take the story and foundation to a national audience when they interview on katie this month. a aberdeen police officer is dead after a bizarre accident. he fell 50 feet to his death off of an elevated exit ramp on i-95 saturday morning. the 29 year old was on a party bus, coming back from a trip to dc when it pulled over for a unknown reason. it appears to be a tragic accident. they will continue the investigation trying to figure out why the bus pull over and what caused him to fall from the ramp. a cyclist was struck and
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killed. jason leonard was sitting in the middle of right wing thrive after falling off of his bike, he was hit by a car. the drive stayed at the scene. car slammed in to a bus in glen burnie, killing a man and leaving ten injured. marcus anderson died when his car crossed the center line hitting an mta bus. the car caught fire in the eastbound lane of the avenue requiring crews to use the jaws of life to get two people out of the car. anderson died at the hospital. the second passenger, a 14 year old is hospitalized, listed in stable condition. the bus driver and 8 passengers were not hurt. arrest for a murder that happened in parkville, hayward tries is charged with stabbing to death jones. jones was a security bar. tries was one of several people
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who joined a twice that started between two women. jones was stabbed multiple times while trying to break up the fight. quite a moment this weekend, for what going on at mt bank stadium. paying respects to model and the family was there to shock your hand. more than 3000 fans came out to say good-bye and thank you to mr. model. model died on thursday at the age of 87. >> anyone in the world wonders why this is the best football city in the world, all they had to do was be here today. >> his funeral will be tuesday at 11:00. that's the 10th anniversary ofionny youth's passing. the funeral will not be open to
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the public. speakers including gadell, lewis and lewis. the greatest made a surprise visit to the ravens, mohammad ali was introduced by john harbaugh's dad, jack. first responders in lutherville, this was a call for a celebration. baltimore townty sheriff's department put on the event so police, firefighters and community members could come together. rides, antique fire engine demonstrations, dalmations and food. many who turned out came to enjoy a great day. tens of thousands of teachers and support staff in chicago are going on strike.
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the union president says it was not able to agree on a contract with schools. school officials say that pay is the matter here. chicago school board president says it was offering a fair deal. >> negotiations have been intense, productive, however, we have failed to reach an agreement that will prevent a labor strike. >> i would point out that this financial package over the next four years will cost the system somewhere in the vicinity of $400 million over four years. i would point out that the average teacher will get another 16% raise over that four year period. this is not a small commitment we are making at a time when our fiscal situation is really challenged. >> chicago is the third largest
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school system. let's talk about what is going on now. it is cool outside. some of you might say chilly, especially heading towards cumberland, 52 degrees, 59 frederick and jefferson 53. we are supposed to be at 60 for this time of the year. we are drying out, the dew points are in the 50s, we have the dry air being replaced by all the sultry weather for the past few months. the satellite and radar, not picking up on a lot. we can zoom in close to home, clear skies, translating in to sunshine, as we go throughout the day. a big day on tap as we check out the forecast for the game this evening. the kickoff at 7:00. temperature 68 degrees, nice and comfortable. enjoy it. the winds north at 5 miles an hour. all i can say is we are going to win. over to you. they are doing this for art model at the ravens first game, and the team dedicating the
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season to the icon, sherrie johnson is live with how they plan to honor model and chatting with fans to see if they are ready for football. >> reporter: we are here at the dunkin doughnuts, talking to fans all morning long about the game. and the ravens host the bangles at 7:00. this season's game is the games are in dedicated to art model. he is the person who brought football back to charm city, they are going to be a moment of silence at the beginning of the game for the pregame ceremonies. this morning, we caught up with larry louise, good morning, thank you for being out here. ravens fan here. tell us what do you think about tonight's game. first game of the season. >> i'm excited. looking forward to it all spring and summer. can't wait to see the kickoff. >> reporter: what are our chances for the super bowl? >> it's a little early yet.
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i am hoping we are there. >> reporter: all right. okay. thank you so much for joining us this morning on your way to get your morning coffee. we appreciate it. thank you so much. go ravens. there you go b people are excited about monday night football, ready to get the season kicked off. the game stats at 7:00 tonight. mt bank stadium. back to you in the studio. a big day downtown, hours before the ravens game. the winningest olympian, phelps will be honored. officials will is lute the olympians at the amphitheater. you got suzanne, jessica long, maredith price, rebecca meyers and silverman will be honored. confetti, streamer, cannon
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fire. marching general and all are invited around 4:00. today is a big day, katie couric finally shows up in you living room. for r a sneak peek of the new talk show, you can head to and find out what to expect on the website. join us today 4:00 this afternoon for the premier episode and stick around because abc2 news at 5:00 and 6:00 with jamie costello and kelly swoope will follow.
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a police officer and president obama's motorcade was killed in a highway accident sunday during the visit to west palm beach. police say a pickup truck hit officer bruce st. lawrence motorcade, pushing him in to a guardrail. he was traveling ahead of the president's motorcade. he was preparing to close access to the highway when the accident happened. president obama sent condolences to the family. a boat overturned. the group was on a dragon boat saturday afternoon. the boat was an oversized canoe. it had several people on board.
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no one was hurt. not clear what caused the boat to overturn. a 12-year-old boy called a hero after steering his family to safety. his dad was having a seizure while he was driving. he knew his family was in danger, his 9-year-old sister has special needs and in the backseat. he grabbed the steering wheel, pulled the car to safety and dialed 911. his mother credits her son with saving the family and count less people on the busy road. this is the damage from two tornados that touched down in knock city. it touched down in queens and another in brook whether i brooklyn during the weekend. it knocked down power lines. we saw wild weather saturday. but then sunday made up for it. it's going to keep coming. >> we had to pay a price on saturday. we plenty of
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sunshine, which is going to continue. >> certainly traffic tie ups in the yeah. not only are the ravens playing but but phelps will be down there. >> leave yourself extra time. tonight is going to feel like football weather. i had double up for my sweaters this morning. look at 50s, upper 50s, reisterstown, more of the same ebbetsburg and rockville, frederick 59. handover 57 degrees this morning. kent island 64. tillman 66. 58 in chester town, 59 denton. temperatures are chilly, don't let it shock the system. listen to what i'm saying, grab the sweater as you head out the door. the winds northwest, at 5-10 miles an hour. that's going to make it feel chillier as we go through the day. the satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. that's a reason why the temperatures are able to drop off this morning because we are
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under a clear sky. you hear me talk about that when you have the clouds acting like the blanket. you are not dealing with anything that's going to insulate us. high pressure going to be building in for today and feeling like fall as we head through the next several days. wash the car, i'm going to take my advice and do that. we look at michael and leslie, there is leslie away from bermuda. michael over here, which is beginning to weaken. it's a category one hurricane. we are looking at another little disturbance coming off of africa. this has a 70% chance to become another system in the atlantic. for today, i'm going with 77 degrees. let's get a check of the abc2 news time saver traffic with loren cook. perfect football weather, too. if u hitting the road, no problems in howard county, interstate 70 is nice and clear columbia pike to 695. if u using the bellway, live
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look at the west side, liberty road. nothing to get in your way towards pikesville and outer loop nice and clear. this is in overly, bell as 11 minute ride on the outer lap from 95, -- loop from 95 up to 83. clear towards 95. a private funeral will be held today for late actor michael clark duncan, he passed away september 3rd from a heart attack he suffered in july. his funeral is invitation only. chris brown has a probation hearing related to the assault against his former girlfriend rihanna. an 8-month-old mother is charged with kidnapping in the disappearance case of her son. jury selection begins for johnson. she sent a text message to the baby's father saying she killed
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the baby. she then recan'ted the story saying a couple took the baby after she gave it away to them. the trial against a college professor is set to begin, amy bishop accused of killing three colleagues at the university of alabama huntsville in february of 2010. leon panetta will be in pennsylvania, scheduled to tour the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville. teacher says it's about fitness and fun, not everybody buying it. >> coming up, we will talk about what others are saying is an inappropriate exercise for kids. we will tell you about one dance studio and a class some parents are shaking their heads about. ñ[=
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race for the white house, conventions are over and it's about the general election, both candidates spending the weekend making their case.
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>> reporter: the campaigns are hunkering down in crucial battleground states with president obama getting a lift. the gallop poll has mr. obama 5 points ahead of mitt romney. the president blasted the romney medicare plan. >> here is the bottom line. their plan bankrupts medicare. our plan strengthens medicare. >> romney used a disappointing august jobs number , the economy adding 96,000 jobs to rip president obama's record. >> it is a jobless recovery. if it's a recovery at all. it doesn't look like a recovery. >> reporter: the obama campaign hit back with biden campaigning in ohio, attacking romney's economic plan. >> we see this movie before, we know how it is. it is a catastrophe for the
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middle class. >> reporter: health care is debated with romney raising eyebrows. the hopeful said he would repeal the health care law. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform. there are a number of things i like in health care reform i'm going to put in place. one is to make sure those with preexisting conditions can get coverage. >> reporter: he heads to ohio. without ohio, romney would need to win nearly every other battleground state to capture the white house. >> for the first time in four months the obama team pulled ahead of the romney campaign bringing in $114 million until august to the romney campaign's $111 million. quite a stir this morning with latest class. pole dancing for kids. the instructor says the classes are about fitness and fun and not about sex. she says children get a
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excellent cardiovascular workout. they have four students signed up. she expects more kids will get on board because it's fun. a plane crashed in to a junk yard, two people on board were killed. flames shot up as high as 50 feet in the air. a number of firefighters and a helicopter helped to put out the flames. nicaragua tallest volcano has been shooting gas and ash for 2.5 miles high in to the sky. crews are trying to figure out whether or not they should evacuate 20,000 people living near the volcano. people living near there saw flames high in the air. time for a check of the forecast. it was perfect out there this weekend. >> gorgeous. let's see if we can keep it going, especially for

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